Appointment Ceremony of Deputy C.E.O, Head/Deputy Head of PVI Re

On June 21, 2021, PVI Re held a ceremony to announce the decisions on appointment of Management levels.

According to the Resolution of the Annual General Meeting in 2021 and the resolution of the Board of Directors of PVI Reinsurance jsc (PVI Re), PVI Re has consolidated the model of organizational structure, management and appointment the positions of Deputy CEO, Head and Deputy Head for 13 PVI Re’s officers.

At the ceremony, Mr. Vu Van Thang – Chairman of PVI Re handed over the decision and congratulated the appointed officers. Mr. Thang expected that the new organizational structure will help PVI Re reinforce human resources and improve the sustainable development of PVI Re.

In the meantime, PVI Re's CEO emphasized that the new management structure will increase flexibility in assigning tasks of Board of Management, optimally exploiting human resources as well as levitating the position of PVI Re’s officers when working with other companies.

Speaking at the new position, Deputy CEO Ms. Le Thi Thuy expressed her sincere thanks to the Board of Managers for trusting and granting responsibility to the appointed officers. She also wished to continue to receive support, attention and direction from the Board of Directors as well as contribution and support from PVI Re’s employees in her career, which heads to PVI Re’s goal of growing stronger.

Some pictures from the ceremony:

Mr. Vu Van Thang – Chairman of BOD and Mr. Trinh Anh Tuan handed over the decision of assigning Deputy CEO

Assigning Head of Department positions

Assigning Deputy Head positions