Blood Donor Day

On 24th June 2016, at the PVI Tower (Hanoi), PVN Youth Union of PVN/PVI in collaboration with the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion had successfully held Blood Donation Day 2016.

The Blood Donation Day 2016 with the theme “Donating blood – Giving life” was held in response to the World Day of blood donors. The program has participated by seven PVN’s subsidiaries in the North. In this occasion, PVIRe has passionately joined with 21 managers and staffs, proportion of nearly 50% of the total employees in PVIRe. This demonstrates the enthusiastic responses and compassionate spirit of people work in PVIRe.

This activity shows an enthusiasm, willingness to support the community, the spirit of solidarity of PVI staffs in general and PVIRe in particular. With nearly 300 people donated 256 units of blood (in North region) and 156 people donated 127 units of blood (in Southern region), expressing the hearts of all dedicated volunteers of PVI for less fortunate patients in needed.

This program has been held for many years and will continuously be organized every year to support and promote those humanitarian, meaningful activities. Blood Donation Day 2016 was closed but the good memories will remain.
Here are several pictures related to Blood Donation Day this year:

PVIRe Hien mau 1

PVIRe Hien mau 2

PVIRe Hien mau 3



Source: PVI Reinsurance