Fire consumes Japanese printing ink plant

Around 4pm on 18th Sep 2014, a major fire broke out in Sakata Inx Vietnam Co., Ltd., 100% Japanese – invested printing ink manufacturer located in Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park 1, Binh Duong province.


According to the workers at the scene, they heard several blasts from the materials warehouse, there are plenty of chemicals inside the factory which enable the fire spreading fast. A series of explosion sound together with high smoke plume were recorded. The workers had no choice but to flee the scene. All efforts to use fire extinguishers to contain the fire were in vain.

Fire 2

Around hundreds of policemen and more than tens of fire trucks were at the scene to deliver support. Firefighters equipped with oxygen cylinders to cope with poisonous smoke and policemen surrounded the blaze managed to bring it under control. However, as the fire kept spreading fast and widely from the chemical tanks and barrels, the crews must have kept safety distance.

Fire 3

By 7pm on the same day, the fire kept burning frightfully with high black thick smoke plume and engulfed the thousands of m2 land manufacturer. Until 8pm, fire units of Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai province were called for support at the fire scene with hundred of firefighters together with 50 fire trucks.

Fire 4

Workers were encouraged to help move out all chemicals and printing ink tanks far away from the fire scene whilst the others used forklift trucks to remove chemical tanks and barrels on the left of the warehouse before the fire reached there.

Until 10pm, after 6 hours the fire broke out, crews still remained overnight to fully extinguish the huge blaze.