Huge fire burned Luxury Bar at midnight on 23rd September 2014

A large fire suddenly broke out at the back of Luxury Bar (153 Yen Phu Street, Hanoi) when it was nearly 24:00 on 23rd September 2014. The blaze incessantly flamed out and quickly engulfed all over the bar. By 01:00 the next morning, the fire was basically brought under control. However the bar was burned down entirely with plenty of properties inside despite of tremendous efforts from the policemen. There is no casualty was recorded in the blaze though dozens of people were hospitalized because of severe burns and smoke inhalation.

It is believed that the fire break-out resulted from electrical short-circuit from the 2nd floor of the bar then rapidly spread to the 1st floor. However, it is reported that no malicious acts were found which led to the massive burn.