Launching Ceremony of the new brand Hanoi Re – “The Sunrise of Ambitions”

Hanoi Reinsurance Joint Stock Corporation (Ticker symbol: PRE) officially introduced its new brand on the afternoon of 20 September 2023, at the National Convention Center. With a 12-year journey of establishment and growth, Hanoi Re has solidified its position as one of the leading reinsurance companies in Vietnam, leaving a mark in various global markets and pursuing new ambitions.

In attendance at the ceremony were Mr. Ngo Viet Trung, the Director of the Insurance Supervisory Authority and leaders from the Ministry of Finance; representatives from the State Securities Commission of Vietnam, Hanoi Stock Exchange, Insurance Association of Vietnam,… Additionally, distinguished leaders representing clients and partners from 120 insurance companies, reinsurers, insurance brokers, adjusting firms, banks, and financial institutions across 12 countries around the globe were also present.

Representing PVI Holdings were Mr. Jens Holger Wohlthat – Chairman of the Board; Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hoa – Standing Vice Chairman and General Director of PVI Holdings; Mrs. Ha Lan – Head of the Supervisory Board, along with other esteemed members of the Board of Directors and Board of Management. Also present were leaders from affiliated companies, including Mr. Duong Thanh Danh Francois – Vice Chairman of PVI Holdings and Chairman of PVI Insurance, Mr. Pham Anh Duc – CEO of PVI Insurance, Mrs. Trinh Quynh Giao – CEO of PVI AM, Mr. Vu Bao Lam – Director of PVI Information Technology Center, as well as the entire Executive Board and Directors/Deputy Directors of various departments.

During the event, Mr. Ngo Viet Trung, Director of the Insurance Supervisory Authority, presented the Amended License approving the corporations rename and extended congratulations with a bouquet of flowers to Hanoi Re’s Executive Board. Additionally, Mr. Trung conveyed his best wishes to the Executive Board and staff on the occasion of rebranding. He acknowledged the corporation’s contributions to the non-life insurance market in Vietnam over the years. He emphasized that the rebranding would set the stage for Hanoi Re to enhance its reputation and position, facilitating the company to expand its reinsurance services into regional and international markets and therefore further contribute to the development of the insurance market in Vietnam.

Director from the Ministry of Finance presented the Decision and flowers to Hanoi Re’s Executive Board

Repositioning brand image with a new Corporation Identify Program (CIP)
In this Corporate Identity Program (CIP), Hanoi Re’s logo draws inspiration from the rich heritage of the thousand-year-old capital city, Hanoi – a convergence of cultural essence and a beacon of the nation. Hanoi, acknowledged by UNESCO as a representative city of the Asia-Pacific, embodies a profound civilization.

The 12-pointed star, a quintessential symbol, finds its roots in the star depicted on the Vietnamese traditional bronze drum designed with minimalism and strength in mind. The 12-pointed star also symbolizes the company’s growth and evolution over 12 years, bridging the gap between the brand’s past and present.

An intriguing feature of the logo is the distinct stylization of the last letter “e.” Positioned at a 45-degree angle towards the star, it symbolizes guidance, vigorously rise, youthfulness, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of advancement in the era of Industry 4.0.

The selection of blue and red as the primary colors in this new visual identity mirrors the PVI Holdings logo. Blue signifies stability and a firm financial base, while red represents passion, determination, and a pioneering spirit.

Hanoi Re and the Journey Towards the Future

Capturing a memorable photograph with representatives of clients and partners

Looking back at the developing path, Hanoi Re has continuously achieved impressive milestones in revenue and profit growth. In 2022, Hanoi Re secured its position as the leading reinsurance company in Vietnam regarding premium revenue.

Over 12 years participating in both domestic and international insurance market, Hanoi Re’s significant achievement is credibility and reputation. The company has successfully established enduring relationships with insurers, reinsurers, and reinsurance brokers, both domestically and internationally.
The introduction of the Hanoi Re brand marks a significant advancement, representing the company’s ambition to continue evolving. With the name Hanoi Re, the company is committed to delivering value and trust to customers and shareholders.