PVI is one of the 50 best listed companies in 2023 voted by Forbes Vietnam

This is the seventh year PVI has been honored by Forbes Vietnam in the Top 50 best listed companies in Vietnam.

After 27 years of development, PVI quickly rose to become a leading enterprise in the fields of financial investment, insurance, financial consulting, etc. The business is continuing to transform with the goal of becoming a leading financial-insurance institution in Vietnam.

In the last 5 years, PVI has always maintained outstanding efficiency in business activities. Return on equity (ROE) has always remained high. If in the period 2017-2018, ROE remained at 7.9-8.5%, by 2019 it will be approximately 10%, in 2020 it will be approximately 12%. In 2022, consolidated ROE is estimated at 11.6%.

Original premium revenue exceeded 10 trillion dong and maintained a five-year increase, helping PVI maintain its leading position in terms of revenue, profit and market share in the non-life insurance segment. Last year was also the first time PVI rose to lead the reinsurance market.

On January 1st, 2023, PVI officially used a new brand identity system with the characteristics of a financial-insurance business with an open red pentagram and stylized PVI words.

Appearing on Forbes Vietnam Magazine No. 118, Standing Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors cum CEO of PVI Nguyen Xuan Hoa said: “The new brand identity is the message for the strategy to turn PVI into a leading financial institution independent, modern and oriented towards the international market.”

More detail at: https://forbes.vn/tap-chi-forbes-viet-nam-so-118-danh-sach-50-cong-ty-niem-yet-tot-nhat