PVI Re Youth Union called the insurance market to join the program: co-hands giving support medical force

After a week of calling co-hands for a program to support doctors and nurses at three hospitals: National Heart Institute (Bach Mai Hospital); Central Hospital of Ear, Nose and Throat; The National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion who are participating in the fighting against the pandemic covid-19 in Ho Chi Minh City, PVI Re Happiness Fund has received the donations from organizations, individuals, and other Sponsors with a total amount of VND 251 million along with the encouraging, sharing, many wishes for good health and victory to team of doctors and nurses working at temporary hospitals in the South. Very quickly, on the day of Mid-Autumn Festival – day of reunion, the entire donation was given to the team of doctors and nurses of 03 hospitals as a small gift instead of thanks for the “Angels in white blouse” who is far away carrying out anti-pandemic tasks at temporary hospitals in the South.

Along with the gifts, the insurance/reinsurance market youth team would also like to give the “Angels in white blouse” a spiritual gift instead of the most sincere thanks for the silent contributions and sacrifices Wishing the doctors, nurses and all medical staff will always be healthy and strong to champion!

Vietnam Victory!