PVIRe and PTI successfully organized a training seminar on “Risk Management of Property and Engineering Insurance”

On 16th and 17th October 2017, PVI Reinsurance Corporation (PVIRe) and Posts – Telecommunications Joint Stock Insurance Corporation (PTI) successfully co-organized the seminar “Risk Management of Property and Engineering Insurance” in Hanoi, with the participation of more than 50 staffs from underwriting departments and branches of PTI and two experienced senior underwriters of PVIRe.

Mr. Bui Xuan Thu – CEO of PTI delivered opening speech in the seminar

With the objective of bringing underwriters with more views on approaching and assessing risks in the property and engineering insurance, two experts of PVIRe, Mr. Nguyen Anh Hung – Manager of Local Department, Senior Risk Surveyor and Mr. Tran Quang Thao – Manager of Claims Department and PTI’s staffs have exchanged valued experiences, knowledge and discussed effectively on practical case studies of risk assessment and management.

PVIRe expert and PTI’ staff discussed on case studies

With the complication of risk in each Property and Engineering insurance product, underwriters need to be equipped knowledge in risk assessment to not only provide advices, solutions and insurance products to satisfy customer’s demand, but also be able to give recommendations for insured construction work, project operation and management in order to mitigate potential risks. This is helpful for both insured and insurers’ business.

The seminar has created opportunity for PTI and PVI Re’s staff to exchange experiences and knowledge in insurance business. This is also an important part of the comprehensive and effective cooperation program for the stable development of the both companies.