PVIRe dispatched representative to southern Vietnam

On June 6th 2017, PVI Re officially nominated Mr. Le Thanh Tung as a representative of the company in the southern of Vietnam, working in the office in Ho Chi Minh City.

This decision demonstrates PVI Re’s commitments to its precious partners in the South, providing the most efficient and profitable reinsurance business as well as enhancing quality of high value-added services, including:

• Consultation, risk surveying, condition assessment.
• Loss adjusters’ supervision (for Property and Engineering)
• Training courses on reinsurance and risk assessment.

Mr. Le Thanh Tung has been working in reinsurance industry for 5 years. He graduated with a Master of Construction and Mechanics in France. With a solid foundation in engineering, Mr. Tung is one of the most experienced risk surveyors in PVI Re who played a vital role in the risk assessment process of numerous big factories in Vietnam and presented valued risk survey reports receiving high appreciation from the world market. He will surely benefit and create added value for partners of PVI Re in Ho Chi Minh City and nearby areas.

PVI Re is going towards the vision of becoming a professional reinsurer with well-known international reputations and providing additional capacity and value-added services to Vietnamese insurance/reinsurance market. After 5 year joining the industry, the most important treasures of PVI Re are its branding, prestige and trust from business partners and long-term professional relationship with numerous insurers, reinsurers and brokers in Vietnam and other markets, ensuring the maximum capacity of the company. With its representative in Ho Chi Minh City, PVI Re reaffirms its sustainable and diversified business strategy, greatly valuing their customers.

Contact information of representative in Ho Chi Minh City:
• Contact address: Floor 5, Master tower, 41-43 Tran Cao Van, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
• Email: tunglt@pvire.com.vn
• T: +84 8 6298 8885 – M: +84 936 252 296