PVIRe held year end summation conference for year 2016 implementation of 2017 plan and employee meeting 2017

On 12th January 2017, PVI Reinsurance Joint Stock Corporation (PVIRe) successfully held 2016 year-end summation meeting, implementation of plan for year 2017 . The 2017 Employee Meeting was also be held on that day at PVI Tower, 1st Pham Van Bach Street, CauGiay District, Hanoi.

Participating in the meeting, PVIRe was honoured to welcome the presence of Leaders from PVI Holdings, PVI Insurance Corporation and associated companies.The meeting was chaired by Mr. Ton Thien Viet – Chairman and Mr. Trinh Anh Tuan – CEO of PVIRe.

pvire5Mr. Ton Thien Viet – Chairman and Mr. Trinh Anh Tuan – CEO of PVIRe chaired the meeting

Although 2016 is a challenging year toward PVIRe, PVIRe still asserted its progress by professional skills and experiences with figures as follows: total revenue was estimated at VND 1,686 billion, completing 101% of the plan. In which, income from reinsurance was VND 1,343 billion (100% of the planed). Profit before tax rounded up nearly VND 135.4 billion achieving 100% of the original plan. Besides the achievement of business activities and market development, PVIRe continued to improve personnel governance, training, unions and successfully held five-year establishment celebration.

At the meeting, some outstanding issues as well as key performance indicators were clarified, discussed and analysed for year 2017. Besides, representatives from different divisions/departments had presentation about achievement and improvement in business activity in order to get the best result, concurrently pointed out some business solutions to address current problems and enhance efficiency to accomplish successfully target plan for the year 2017.

On the other hand, leaders also recognized efforts and contributions of all staff for firm’s business operation in 2016 by giving awards and certificates of merit for excellent collectives and individuals.

Regarding the orientation tasks for 2017, PVIRe will focus on cautious underwriting, risk control and efficiency commitment with pre-tax profit target of VND 150 billion and completion of the capital increase. In 2017, parallel with the aim of completing the proposed plan, PVIRe will continue to promote the development of information technology systems to support management, business and finance activities; concurrently, set up strategy for management, training and development of human resource including the plan for training, recruitment and remuneration in order to improve labour quality, human resource initiative and policies ready to respond to market fluctuations as well as meet the strategic development of PVIRe.

At the same day, PVIRe also held Employee Meeting 2017 to report and summarize the regimes and policiesfor the employee. In addition, opinions and comments of each staff were also recorded for discussing, amending and supplementing the content of labour agreement for year 2017.
Closing an impressive year and heading toward year 2017, PVIRe will cope with more difficult and challenging new goals. PVIRe’ staffs will strive further and commit to fulfil all designed objectives, which ultimately contribute to the overall achievement of PVI Holdings.

Below is some pictures taken in the meetings:

pvire5Mr. Bui Van Thuan – CEO of PVI Holdings awarded certificates of merit for individuals completing excellently 2016 task

IFLeaders from PVIRe awarded certificates of merit for excellent heads and executives of the year

pvire7Art performance by PVIRe Youth Union