PVIRe successfully organized the reinsurance market exchange event 2017 Companion

In May 25th and 26th, PVIRe successfully organized The Vietnamese Reinsurance Event, so called “Companion 2017”. The event was held at Serena Resort, Kim Boi, Hoa Binh with the earnest participation of all Reinsurance Companies or Reinsurance Division of Insurance Companies and Brokers in Vietnamese market.

The excited flashmob performed by all participants

The event started with an exciting and intense Team building game between 4 teams: green, red, yellow and blue.

Some Team Building games

In the same day, Gala Dinner was held in the main hall of Serena resort with the professional light and sound system. XTI performed a charming and interesting song “Bao gio lay chong”, PTI followed with a sweet love song “Lien khuctinh tan”, and other companies collaborated in several refreshing performance. The program was pushed up to the climax with PVIRe’s youthful and vibrant modern dance and ended up with the song of Reinsurance family. In addition, the Gala night also organized an excited Lucky Draw with the many fascinating gifts from the sponsors PJICO, BIC, VBI, Bao Long, AIG, BSH, PTI, AON Benfield and PVIRe.

XTI’s “Bao gio lay chong” Performance

PTI’s “Lien khuc tinh tan”

PVIRe’s “modern dance”

Co-operative choir among companies

The choral of the Vietnam Reinsurance family

The Night Party following up at Non Restaurant with impressive, explosive, energetic and energetic and meaningful performances. It is the moment when everyone sitting together ad sharing old memories and future plan ahead; continuing to “walk” together in the next path.
“The Companion 2017″ was held successfully in joy and excitement and became a memorable memory for everyone. The event brings coherence, connectivity and unity among all individuals / companies in Vietnamese Reinsurance market.

Hopefully, The Event “Reinsurance, Where will we go?” where unite all reinsurance market will be held every year and continue to be more attractive playground of the Vietnamese Reinsurance market in the future.